Life Aligned's State-of-the-Art Proprietary
Three-Technology Treatment is Helping

Clients Just Like You Lose Pounds and Shed Fat

Our State-of-the-Art system utilizes three of the newest and ground-breaking technologies in the world of weight loss and fat reduction:

- Radio Frequency Lifting

- High-Intensity Light to tighten and reduce cellulite

- Ultrasound Cavitation to permanently strip the fat away

When these three technologies are combined, it not only helps you reach your weight loss goals, but it helps you to enhance your overall look.

Each of these techniques are overseen by our staff of physicians to ensure that the results you desire are the results you get. 

When you come to Life Aligned, you become family.

Radio Frequency

High-Intensity Light

Ultrasound Cavitation

Achieve natural looking skin tightening utilizing our Radio Frequency Lift. This utilizes the body's natural collagen delivery solution to the face and body...

High-Intensity Light harnesses the energy in the technology to shrink targeted fat cell deposits in all areas of the body. This includes sensitive areas such as the face...

Ultrasound Cavitation is highly effective, fast, permanent and painless. It utilizes sound wave technology to eliminate and destroy fat and cellulite...


With this technology and Life Aligned's system, you can lose up to one inch of fat
in as little as 45 minutes. The results speak for themselves. Come give us a try!

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Meet the Staff

Each member of the Life Aligned staff is dedicated to helping our clients get the results that they need. 

Regardless of whether the client is looking for aesthetics, such as weight loss and image enhancement, or they are looking for functional medicine, or physical therapy, our staff proudly works with each person one-on-one to make sure that each individual hits their goals.

Dr. Ronald Rebmann

Dr. Mark Gould

Dr. Kanella Kapotas

Dr. Ronald Rebmann, D.C., leads our team of professionals dedicated to helping people change their lives for the better. He is the owner of Life Aligned and has been instrumental in helping patients not only lose the desired weight, but keep it off.

Dr. Mark Gould, D.C., has more than 20 years experience helping people. He is passionate about helping people not only get healthy, but live healthy. He looks forward to helping you in your journey.

Dr. Kanella Kapotas, D.C., is the most recent team member and loves and looks forward to helping people lose weight. She is not only someone that will help you on your journey, but she is also a patient herself and is happy to join you on your path to weight loss.

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